Furry First Friday...

Happy Furry First Friday!
This month I am featuring photos of my little girl dog, Emily. In previous months I shared photos of Russ, Nick and Wally, known collectively as my boys. Emily Elizabeth is my only girl. She's a little Shih Tzu (well, actually, she's not little, more like kind of chubby) and while she is beautiful, she is not a princess. She is a serious tomboy. She loves to play, loves to meet people (she practically passes out from excitement on Halloween) and frequently gets dirty.
The top photo is from her second birthday, I believe (she's 4 now). The next photo is her in her Halloween costume this year; she was the cutest little pumpkin. The photo at the bottom is her lounging next to me after what I'm sure was a rough day of eating, playing and napping, her normal routine.
For newcomers, Furry First Fridays is hosted by moi on the first Friday of each month. Everyone is welcome to participate. All you have to do to join is post pictures of your favorite furry friends, link to my blog, then add your post (not your blog link, but the specific post link) to the Linky tool. Please grab the button, too, and be sure to visit other participants.


  1. If anyone has any trouble with the Linky tool, just leave the link to your post in the comments and I'll link it up for you. :)

  2. Dear Bella,

    First, I wanted to let you know how much I look forward to this party every month - I love sharing stories about my fur angels and meeting everyone else's as well!

    Second - I made a mistake on my link up (I'm not trying to hog up the list!) The #2 Link What's Legend Watching, is not what I meant to post (there is a Legend photo, but he is not the focus of the article). The CORRECT post for Legend is #3, Tails From The Printer. You can either delete #2 or leave it posted - whichever you see fit - I apologize for the inconvenience - too many things going on at once here it appears!

    I love your photos of sweet precious Emily - I'm sure she adds a lot of joy and life to your home!

    I hope to post some pics of Tsunami if I have a chance before the party closes.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I can't wait to see everyone else's stories!


  3. Emily Elizabeth is adorable. She almost doesn't look real! What a beautiful little lady...

    I love your Rod Stewart music---my favorite! Your blog is always such a delight.

  4. She's precious. Just earlier this week, I was thinking it was almost time for your FFF. I'll try to join in. Camera needs some charging up. Thanks for hosting and for showing off Emily. With all those boys around, she has no choice but to be a tomboy. I love the girls though. We've had two girls, sadly both gone now, and two boys. I like the girls better but don't tell the boys. ;)

  5. Emily is beautiful. I used to have a Shih Tzu. They are wonderful little dogs and always have just the sweetest little faces.

  6. Emily is so glamorous! She could be a movie star. have her own limo and walk on the red carpet.

  7. This post left me sad....

    let me explain...briefly!

    I had to recently part with my dear dog Ginger due to problematic allergies that my daughter and I were suffering. I have since cleared up, after years of suffering...and that should be a comfort, right?

    I miss her dearly...pets really do add so much love and laughter to a home....and I'll never forget her!

    give your Emily a big squeeze for me...

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  8. She IS a cutie...and I must tell you, I LOVE the beautiful floral pillows in the first photo.

    Have a lovely day,

  9. What a sweetie! She looks like she likes to have fun! lol.
    I love your blog name. Mine is VivoBello, which simply means Live Beautiful.

  10. She is so precious, very much the lady!


  11. What a cute dog.. Love the name..
    Have a great weekend..

  12. What a cutie in her Halloween costume. Love it.

  13. Emily is just soooo beautiful!Her eyes and eyelashes are just to die for! She reminds me a lot of my lil shih tzu, Rosie (see my sidebar). Rosie is a true blonde, surely gets her way most of the time, as I'm sure your babies do, too! Isn't that just the way it is supposed to be?!?

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  14. Sooo sweet! Spent yesterday with Sue Ellen Ross, who paints animals and this post reminded me of her art. Gorgeous post dear wonderful you! blessings.

  15. HI Bella,

    I'm back - I finally got my Tsunami photos up - I've been waiting to post them all month - I hope you all enjoy!

    Have a wonderful week - I may be back later to check out some of those books on your sidebar!


  16. She is such a sweetie!!!
    Sorry I missed this one...just plain old forgot about it...will join you next month!!!


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