Pearls of wisdom...

"The fascinating thing about pearls is that they are conceived through irritation and grow slowly in layers, just as our lives do...  Like life and love, pearls thrive on skin contact and will lose their luster if not worn. Although pearls grow in darkness and distress, the luminosity of their beauty ~ born of imperfection, irritation, and, sometimes, neglect ~ like the woman who wears them, is only visible in the Light."
~Sarah Ban Breathnach, Romancing the Ordinary


  1. Such a beautiful thought. That times of distress are able to produce pearls of wisdom in our lives. Thank you for this lovely reminder.

  2. Bella, Thanks SO much for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment.

    What a wonderful quote you shared today. The photo is perfect. I've enjoyed Sarah's wisdom over the years.

    You've made me think some more 'new' thoughts.

    Happiest day to you.......

  3. love that picture. I've found myself wanting some pearls lately :-)

  4. Love it!!! I LOVE your blog design with all the pink (my favorite!)

    Have a great day!

  5. Beautiful post....the only earrings I wear are pearl studs....

  6. This is a lovely post...
    I love pearls...never wear them...i just don't get the opportunity to get dressed up enough to add pearls...
    what would my coworkers think if i came to work in my slacks, sweater and crocs with a strand of pearls....hhmmmm...that may be worth a try...if i don't wear them while i'm living they'll just be put on me when i'm gone...and then i'm sure i won't enjoy them...

  7. Such a great post and quote. I love pearls, they make skin so luminous and suit everyone. I worked on a pearl farm for a few days once and they really are very special! xx

  8. I love chic and classic. Great post doll! Make sure to check out my Christmas giveaway if you haven't already!

    Kori xoxo

  9. I was never a "pearl person" yet, like Kathie above, I've recently found myself wanting some...
    Perhaps, now that I'm older, I can appreciate them more. :)


  10. What a beautiful post sweet friend...I adore pearls even more now!


  11. So beautiful in so many ways!


  12. My sweet fly-boy just gave me a strand for my birthday! Love 'em

    The quote is beautiful!

  13. What a lovely quote. I adore pearls and wear them often.


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