Wishing for a dreamy bedroom...

"Of all the rooms in her house, a woman's bedroom is the most personal expression of the state of her soul. For her bedroom reflects a woman's truth ~ her past, present, dreams for the future, or lack of them. Her hopes, her sorrows. Her passions, pleasures, peccadilloes. What she believes about herself, what she thinks she's hiding and, obviously, is not."    
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach, Romancing the Ordinary

If there is a grain of truth in the above sentiment ~ and I suspect there is, and then some ~ I am a woman in need of a new bedroom.
I've been thinking about this for several weeks now, after reading some passages in Sarah Ban Breathnach's book, Romancing the Ordinary (a wonderful read, by the way). Wishes for Wednesday seemed like the appropriate time to share my lovely bedroom dreams.
The bedroom has always been the one room in my home that has vexed me. In a bid not to make it too feminine when I was married to my ex-husband, I ended up with a series of rooms that didn't feel right at all. The closest I have ever been to a bedroom that really suited me was several years ago, when I lived alone. A friend of mine had no room for her antique bed and gave it to me, along with the beautiful matching dresser. I put two ~ yes, two ~ featherbeds on top of an already comfy mattress and each night it felt like I climbed onto a cloud of heaven. I dressed the bed in ultra soft, gorgeous linens and fluffy pillows and hung antique purses on the walls. My closet was the perfect size and gorgeous drapes hung at the windows. All I needed was a comfy chair and a different vanity and I'm pretty sure that would have done it. Even though it wasn't 100 percent perfect, it was pretty close ~ close enough that I still think of that bedroom and sigh with longing. 
Mind you, there's nothing really wrong with my current bedroom ~ it's not like it's a horrible, dark, cluttered room. But it is small and overwhelmed with a huge California King bed (my sweetie is a very tall man). In fact, there's only room left for two nightstands  ~ and I had to turn mine to the side to get it to fit. The room is painted a pleasant moss green, with matching linens. But the truth is, it could be anyone's bedroom, not necessarily mine.
I am determined that when we move in a couple of years, I am not going to settle for anything less than my perfect bedroom. The photo at the top probably comes the closest to what I see in my mind when I close my eyes and dream. I love the wallpaper in the second ~ I'm thinking wallpaper on at least one wall ~ and I want a beautiful, elegant chair like the one in the photo below. (The photo next to it looks like a perfect guest room to me, with the added bonus of extra book storage.) Should I have the grand luck to inherit a really large bedroom, I will go for all-out glamour, faded and soft, like in the photo at the bottom. I will accept nothing less than gorgeous bliss this next time.
What do you dream of in a bedroom?


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  1. The last bedroom pictured looks so French and chic. The French seem to do such lovely things with mirrors.

    Our current bedroom is large because it is in an addition we designed. We even have a little sitting area with a love seat and two chairs with a table between with a lamp in front of a double window for reading. We've made it personal with family photos on the walls and a large oil painting of our collie that was commissioned to a friend who does a great job with pets and children. There's no doubt that it is a very personal space designed by us.

    Wishing you sweet dreams for your bedroom and may they all come true.

  2. I just want more room! Our king size bed takes up the room, everything fits, but barely. I really want a bench at the end of the bed, but there is definitely no room for that at all. It's just one of the many reasons why I want to move :-)

  3. I so need new touches to my bed room. Love your pictures.. See you on Friday..

  4. Bella, these are gorgeous. I pick the first. After repainting ours now I need the little personal touches that add so much, like flowers and more pictures and art. It's always so much fun after the paint and the right linens are in place.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier. I like Rudolph too but Frosty more. ;) Have a gorgeous day and keep wishing. I love this meme.

  5. BTW, I love the music playing while I read this--Blue Moon. Perfect!

  6. The ocean.
    I once stayed in a flat right by the ocean and you could hear the waves. That's what I dream of!


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