Just a reminder...

Furry First Fridays, hosted on the first Friday of each month by yours truly, will be held this Friday. All you have to do to join is post some photos of your furry friends, link back to my blog and add your link to the Linky tool on my post, which is usually up on Thursday evenings. I hope you'll join. And feel free to grab the button as well.


  1. Oh my goodness, I just posted a photo of our little Ubu! I'll have to see if I can get another picture of him during the week, if my camera is behaving! Hope you had a Happy Halloween weekend! ~tina

  2. How wonderful! I will try to post photos of my babies this week and also try to figure out what the "Linky tool" is and how to use it :\ !
    What a wonderful way to share and remember our furry, adorable friends and babies!


    p.s. I'm doing a giveaway this mnth, hope you will drop by and register, Hugs and thank you!

  3. my post is all ready to go! :-)

  4. Love this idea. Animals add so much depth to life.

  5. So cute!!! But the only furry friend I have right now is stuffed... I suppose that doesn't count :)

  6. I will be posting the reminder on today's Sweet Love Tuesday / Wordless Wednesday Post at Create With Joy, which also features a photo of my sweet Legend in a naughty place - stop by for a furry preview if you like!



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