A little holiday inspiration...

The holiday edition of Belle Inspiration is out. If you're not familiar with Belle Inspiration, it's a new online magazine started by Mimi at Bonjour Romance. The holiday edition is huge ~ 266 pages ~ and full of beautiful holiday inspiration, as well as some non-holiday related content, including an article by moi. Click here to visit the magazine site ~ I'm sure you'll find some beauty to love.


  1. I will be hopping over there to have a look, thanks for sharing. I love hearing Rod Stewart here. He is doing a wonderful job singing the old classics.

  2. It looks great! Love to see more about the "Extraordinary Christmas!".
    Congrats on your article!


  3. Your article was marvelous - so nice to get to know you through your writing. It has been a pleasure for me.
    Hope you're having a good week,


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