A natural glow...

The idea of a Christmas palette filled with neutral colors appeals to me this year. Simple metallics, a touch of pink and a few natural elements are really all you need to make the holidays glow. What are your preferred colors to decorate with for the holidays?

Photo credits, top to bottom: Pottery Barn, Midwest Living, Laura Moss/Country Living


  1. Love that first picture Bella, what a pretty decoration and just the colours I'm longing for this year.
    My French Country Home

  2. oh yes, I am the same way. Beautiful, elegant Christmas palette!

  3. Hi Bella!
    Is that mercury glass the one in the first pic?
    I'm more and more attracted by this material.

  4. I'd change my colors every year if I could! We currently have red & gold with poinsettias as our theme. Sometimes I really want blue & silver and this year I've been longing for some pink! :-)

  5. Loving the last image. I'd like a white and silver Christmas this year! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  6. Bonjour Bella,
    I love all these soft colours for the holidays. Gold always seems to work!
    Happy decorating!

  7. Sorry to say, but I do very little decorating anymore. I do enjoy seeing what others do. Your decorations are very pretty.

  8. What lovely Christmas decorations. Very calming in a time where calm doesn't always prevail.


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