Wishes for Wednesday...

I have been a Mac person from way before Apple was cool. I love my Mac, love my iPods, and am longing for an iPad. Unfortunately, before I get an iPad, I have to get a new Mac ~ mine is too old to sync with the iPad. And since I'm not made of money, that is going to take a little time. Sigh...
I am hoping and wishing that Santa might be abundantly generous and bring me one or the other this year. That wishing was made even stronger this week, when I got an e-mail announcing the new, exclusive-to-the-iPad app from Martha Stewart. The photos are screen shots from the app. Isn't it beautiful? I love that the theme of the issue is "Boundless Beauty" ~ it sounds, and looks, like bliss. (Click here for the iTunes preview or here for the preview on the Martha Stewart Living site.)

All photos from Martha Stewart Living

I am linking to Wishes for Wednesday at Just a Happy Housewife. Stop by Kathie's place to join in. Wishing all of you a beautiful week...


  1. Just look at that gorgeous gown! I love your music too! Please make your way over to my blog to check out my Christmas Giveaway if you haven't already!


    Kori xoxo

  2. I'd love to have a mac! I can't convince the husband though, darn it all. *sigh* great wish though! thanks for playing along :-)

  3. I haveeeee to get that app!!! The Ipad is seriously amazing... its definitely the best purchase we have made. Hoping santa brings you a Mac or Ipad :)

  4. p.s. i just saw some of your longaberger baskets in the pictures... my mom is obsessed with longaberger.. you should see their house... she could probably start her own store out of their house. lol :)

  5. I hope you get and i-pad.. My husband and little Alyce love ours. I wonder if he will let me put this app. on it.. Thanks for the tips.. Wishes do come true... Have a wonderful day.

  6. I wish that you get one as well! That would be really, really cool!
    My son wants a Mac and is saving up for one. :)


  7. My friend just got an ipad...he loves it! I hope Santa is good to you!

  8. Here's hoping Santa will be good to you this year! My daughter asked Santa for one too!

  9. Love these pictures. Oh, I could sure use a new computer. This is good wishing, hope yours come true. ;)


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