Introducing... Furry First Fridays

I truly believe that pets add beauty to the world and have frequently said that God was in a very good mood when he created dogs. How else can you explain such devotion, joy and cuteness in one creature? In honor of my oldest dog, Russ, who just celebrated his 13th birthday and is napping in the photo above, I thought I'd start a fun little gathering once a month. On the first Friday of each month, anyone who wants to participate can share photos of their pets as part of Furry First Fridays. I'll host, and everyone can add their links to the Linky tool at the bottom of my post, which I'll put up on Thursday evening for those who want to get a head start. All I ask is that you include the Furry First Friday button at the bottom of your post (which you can either just drag to your desktop or right-click and save) and link back to my blog:
The inaugural Furry First Fridays will be this Friday, Aug. 6, so dig out those pet photos. All pets welcome, not just dogs. :) I know there are lots of pet lovers out there, so I thought this would be a great excuse to show off those cute photos we all have (and, it's a great excuse to take more). Please, spread the word, and come join in the fun!


  1. I'll have to see if I can get my biggest fur baby to sit still long enough, so that I can TAKE a picture of him, but the cats may be a little more cooperative about it!.. Sounds like fun! ~tina

  2. I just said to myself the other day, God must have made pugs for his own amusement. I mean, how else do explain that face???? :)

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! I just adore animals and find so much comfort in them!


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  5. This is a wonderful idea.! Since my life is filled with dogs, it could take me many First Fridays to share them all!

  6. Maybe I'll have Oskar my miniature schnauzer link up from his blog!

  7. BTW, I love your beautiful blog!

  8. OOoh, I love your blog and I'd love to join your furry first fridays! My mom just wrote an article for my blog regarding her seeing eye dog (mom is legally blind). What a great idea! Thank you for hosting this!

  9. hey there, would you like a button with a drop down box for everyone to grab the code for their posts? That way when people copy the code into their post, the button shows up and anyone reading it clicks on it and voila, they're at your blog. Just let me know if you'd like one. :-)


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