Rain-soaked beauty...

While the East Coast is covered in snow, those of us in Southern California are enjoying a bit of sunshine after nearly a solid week of rain. We got nearly half a year's worth of rain in six days where I live ~ and with it came a few woes, including a flood of water in our dining room. Well, not quite a flood, but the ceiling was literally leaking from one side of the room to the other. And then water started pouring into the kitchen on the last day of rain ~ we actually wondered at one point if the ceiling was saturated and possibly going to cave in. Not fun, but a lot of folks had it a lot worse, so we were fortunate ~ at least we were able to get everything cleaned up in time for Christmas.
On a break in the rain on the fifth day, I wandered out into the yard to see how much damage the strong winds that had just blown through had done. Things were a bit of a mess and one of our bushes took quite a beating, but all in all, things weren't doing badly. In fact, this one calla lily was blooming as though nothing had happened. Seeing the beauty of the rain drops on it made me smile ~ the first in a few days, I'm sure.
Things are drying out well, but I'm kind of hoping the rain the forecast is calling for in the next few days doesn't materialize. There's nothing beautiful about leaky ceilings.


  1. oh wow! gorgeous flower...so sorry to hear about the water damage :-(

  2. Wow, that's a lot of rain...sorry to hear about the leaking! Beautiful calla lily photo!

  3. The flowers are beautiful! I hope you get things sorted soon, sorry to hear you had problems.

  4. Oh No!! I'm so sorry to hear about all that water! A few years back (during a quick thaw in snow) we had a flood in our basement. I lost all of my school photos and was REALLY upset!
    I know how awful it is to clean up after something like that!
    I promise NOT to do any rain dances anytime in the near future!

    The flower is beautiful. Hard to believe that something so fragile could be so hearty. :)


  5. What a mess to have to deal with during the holidays. It sounds like you've kept your spirits high and are like the lily - capable of surviving anything. I hope you do stay dry and can enjoy the remainder of the holiday. Blessings...Mary


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