The beauty of Christmas stockings...

Christmas stockings have always been something special in my family. Not only are they always filled with the most amazing and wonderful goodies ~ stockings are taken very seriously in my family ~ but each one is a thing of beauty. My green Christmas stocking, seen above, was made for me by my grandmother when I was a little girl. It looks like an ordinary Christmas stocking to anyone else, but I still remember getting it and knowing, even then, that I had something special. Thirty years and many moves later, I am still hanging it and treasuring it.
My grandmother, a wonderfully creative and talented woman, now makes Christmas stockings for everyone in the family ~ it was one of those things that became a tradition over time. People would marry, or have children, and inevitably my grandmother would make them a Christmas stocking. She has made some beautiful ones over the years ~ one of my brothers has a knitted one that is absolutely exquisite ~ and all of them are different. It's a rite of passage, in a way, and a wonderful holiday tradition.
Do you have a holiday tradition that is a particular favorite?


  1. I have just stumbled across your blog and am now your latest follower, I also have a new blog so please visit sometime, I hope to send a little inspiration your way! Love your blog!

  2. I needlepointed four years ago...what a job! But they are lovely. I hope my children treasure them as much as your treasure yours!

  3. Stockings ARE special! What would childhood be without them!

    A particular tradition for us is opening our gifts together as a family in the dark on Christmas Eve with all of the glowing lights on.
    Of course, that started after the children were grown, but it has definitely lingered for hubby and me.

    Hugs, Diane

  4. My family never really made a big deal over stocking. (unfortunately). Growing up, I don't think I ever had one.
    Once I had children of my own, I did begin the Stocking Tradition. Anything that comes from Santa, is in the stocking (no way is he getting credit for the BIG gifts!!) ;p
    This year, in an effort to *snort* cut back, I went out and bought HUGE stockings. I bought each child one big gift from Daddy and I and then a bunch of small items (personal care things, movies etc) from Santa to go into the stockings. Everything is wrapped so that they don't feel like something is missing from the Christmas morning fun. :)

    I love your stocking and how special is THAT, that your Grandmother made it for you! What a wonderful treasure. It's great that she is still around to bless others with her gift as well....


  5. What a lovely photo. I hope you are enjoying a great weekend. Blessings...Mary


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