Vintage beauty...

Images above and below from Playingwithbrushes via flickr
The photo below is an autograph book from 1888.

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved old things. A fun afternoon for me was (and is) digging around in the attic to see what kind of treasures have been left by generations past. Since the house I grew up in has been in the family for generations now, and dates back to the late 1700s, there were some pretty good things to be found, as no one ever completely cleaned out the attic as the house passed from person to person in the family. On a particularly good day I discovered an old clothes hamper that turned out to be full of fabulous old dishes wrapped in newspaper - it had been up there for years, forgotten.
My love for old things - or "vintage" as a lot of it is called now - has a lot to do with the history of a piece - be it clothes, jewelry, dishes, furniture, whatever. I believe - and this is perhaps solely in my imagination - that these things possess a unique character I can feel. Why else would a person buy cold cream jars from the 1940s? :)  There's a beauty associated with possessions from the past that enchants me. Hopefully, some of these images will enchant you, too.  :)

Images above and below from Sherry's Rose Cottage via flickr

Everything in the above photo may not be officially "old" but it has that vintage feel that I absolutely love. And the pins at the top look just like some of the ones I have from my grandma's jewelry collection.


  1. Oh, the pictures are all so lovely. Great pieces.

    Have a great week and come by and visit me again soon,

  2. Thanks for all the yummy eye candy!

  3. What lovely things, your house sounds like a grand place for a treasure hunt!

  4. Hi Sweet Friend,

    Lovely photos and how wonderful that you have this treasure of a house to explore! I can't even imagine how much fun it would be! I feel the same way about my vintage finds and the history behind them.

    Speaking of vintage, I wanted to let you know that you are the winner of my Christmas in July giveaway. I have a beautiful baby book that was for a baby boy that was born on Christmas day in 1910. This book is full of wonderful pictures and even has a lock of his hair. The graphics in the book are also fabulous. I found this book in an antique store about 15 years ago and have often wondered how it ended up there and I hope you will now enjoy it as much as I have. Please email my your mailing address to and I will send you this little treasure!


  5. Wow, Karyn, you've just made my whole day! I'm doing a little dance here sitting on the couch. I've got a flu bug and am stuck at home today, so this really cheers me! I'm so excited... :)

  6. wow those are LOVELY pictures & I too feel the same way..vintage finds..ahhh congrats on the win!

  7. Thank you for such a sweet comment you left me and following me too! Looking forward to my many visits to your beautiful blog! Have a wonderful day!


  8. Its great that you can locate where your feelings came from , our childhood can tell us so much.

  9. I love old things too. I still wear my grandmothers ring that my grandfather designed for her in 1905. It's very old fashioned but gorgeous. I'm leaving it to my husband's granddaughter with the instructions that "you can not change the design. It has to remain as it is. If you don't like the design, sell it so someone else who loves old things can enjoy it." Not sure if that'll work, but I'm doing it anyhow.


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