Storage and beauty all in one...

I am one of those people who needs storage. Lots of it. 
Now, I'd love to be blessed with a home full of spacious closets with cubbyholes for everything, but since I have a penchant for old houses, well, that isn't happening. One of the ways I've discovered to organize and hide all my "stuff" is by using beautiful boxes. You can find pretty storage boxes in lots of places - flea markets, vintage stores, TJ Maxx, Hallmark, Ross, etc. - and in all different shapes and sizes. I have used them for keeping letters and other papers, organizing my craft supplies, storing out-of-season purses, wallets and clothes, and have even stacked up several to use as an end-table in the living room. They are a great, easy and affordable way to organize your closets and office - and the boxes are so pretty, you want to display them. 
I have a mixture of old and new boxes, in all shapes and sizes. My friends have even picked up some for me in vintage stores - they usually cost a song. My favorite is the pink box shown directly above - I keep love letters in that one.   :)  I also keep pretty boxes I get from retailers like Vera Bradley. It's just so much more pleasant to organize your stuff when you have such a cute way to do it. 
Practical, useful AND pretty - who could ask for more? (Well, that big closet would still be nice...)


  1. Hi Bella,

    Your a lady after my own heart! Love your beautiful storage boxes, practical, useful AND pretty for sure! I also love vintage suitcase for storage as well, the look fabulous stacked in a corner.


  2. I am like this too. I need lots of storage. I have tins, baskets, all sorts of stuff.


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