Cheery cherries...

This plate is perfect for summer, isn't it? So cheery and bright - it's just begging to be laden down with something delicious. I love switching out some of the dishes I have on display according to the seasons (and my mood). I'm like a little girl playing with her Barbie dolls when I'm playing with my dishes and puttering around the house. This plate is currently on display in my kitchen after being tucked away over the winter. It's so cute, it just makes me smile to see it.


  1. Hi Bella,

    Love the plate! I too love changing out my dishes, we recently remodeled our kitchen and we put in several glass front cabinets and I love changing them around!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. There's something just so cheerful about cherries! Very cute plate!


  3. Eee! I love anything cherries! It's fabulous!


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