Tie me to these apron strings...

I came across this apron on one of my hunts for everything and nothing in Ross. I didn't have an apron and I figured, hey, aprons should be beautiful, too, so I snatched it up. (It was less than $10, which also helped). But because it is so pretty, I'd rather see it than have it tucked in a drawer. I decided to break up the wood of our massive pantry doors in the kitchen and hang it there. Not only does it cheer the space, but it makes it easy to grab, too. Beauty and function all in one - I love it.


  1. Good idea to hang it on those doors! It is pretty!


  2. Love this. Are you talking Ross in Tasmania? I am about to go for my first trip through that region.

  3. I wish I meant that Ross. :) No, over here in the States, Ross is a discount store that has tons of dishes, furniture, clothes, etc. It's one of those places where you can find all kinds of cool things one day, and then nothing the next time you go. Sort of like a TJ Maxx. (Although I'm not sure they have those in Australia , either.)


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