Gift wrap for the interior design lovers...

As part of the interior design classes I took last year, we had to learn to draw furniture. (I wrote about that here.) Now I am not particularly gifted in this area so the drawing class had me worried, but my instructor assured me it would be fine and that he could teach me how to draw. Long story short, he was right.
One of my favorite drawings to come out of the class was this Louis XV chair. I kept thinking I should do something more with it and then it finally hit me ~ why not turn the drawing into a gift wrap pattern, perfect for those who love decorating and the like? So, that’s what I did.
Above, you can see the pattern and how it looks printed. Below is a simulation of a box wrapped in the paper. Isn’t it cool?

And here is my original drawing:

 The gift wrap is available from The Pink Home through Spoonflower. Click here for more.

Photos and design by The Pink Home


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