Fireplace makeover 2: The reveal...

Finally! After a month of work, our fireplace makeover is complete. And it is fabulous, as you’ll see. My love, who did all of the hard work, really did an absolutely amazing job. 
Here’s what the fireplace looked like before:

A bit old and dated, particularly that red tile hearth. Here’s what it looks like now, after our little renovation:

Isn’t it gorgeous? I absolutely love it. It is so elegant and classic and beautiful. My love has been itching to redo it for awhile now and I’m so glad he did. He told me I could pick out the materials and he would do the work ~ who can refuse an offer like that?
We decided to go with one whole slab for the hearth. Everyone who has walked into our home thinks the whole thing is marble, but the hearth is actually granite with a marble look that we had cut to size. Then I picked out marble tiles to cover the brick. 
A couple of close ups:

We thought the light marble would brighten up that space ~ the red brick was pretty dark. And I wanted to make sure we chose something classic that would look good 30 years from now.
I just love what the fireplace makeover does for the room ~ it makes everything seem more elegant. The fireplace has always been the main focus of the living room so I couldn’t be happier. What do you think?

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  1. I think you have done a wonderful update on the fireplace! We have similar brick on our fireplace wall and I am hoping to whitewash it soon.

  2. Hello Eileen,
    Your fireplace looks fabulous! I love how it's been transformed and it will look lovely years from now. What a difference! Good job! Thanks for sharing at my HOME and have a delightful weekend.


  3. WOW! It is beautiful and so worth all the effort. I have been working on mine for months and hope it looks as good as this when we're through. LOVE IT!!

  4. Great job on the fireplace!! It's beautiful and worth waiting for!! Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  5. Your hubby is a very skilled and talented man. It is unbelievable what a difference this made.

  6. Wow what a fabulous makeover! I liked it in the first place, but you had great vision and it looks so much better.

  7. so very pretty...I love a fireplace
    Have a lovely week-end..and I ask God to bless you!

  8. Love your fireplace makeover. It is very pretty. Great job your hubby did on the redo.

  9. Oh my goodness, that is beautiful! What a pretty choice and I agree that it is timeless.


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