Wishing for the beauty of cooler, rainy days...

After a summer here that can only be described as a non-summer (we only made it above 80 degrees for about two weeks total) autumn has finally arrived. And wouldn't you know it ~ the weather now feels like summer. It's been unbearably hot all of a sudden, well over 90 degrees and into the 100s. Good beach weather but not any fun during the workweek, especially when you have no air conditioning. All I can think is please, please, let it cool down soon. Let the marine layer come back and sit and give us those beautiful, solemn cloudy days I love. I want to wear my fall clothes, enjoy a few rainy days and watch the leaves fall from the trees in the front yard. This is my wish today... sigh.
Thanks to Kathie at Just a Happy Housewife for hosting Wishes for Wednesday. What are you wishing for this week? Link up at Kathie's place.

Kathie also tagged her followers in a getting to know you meme, so I thought I'd share that today, too, for a little Wednesday fun...

What was the first car you drove?
A 1978 Camaro, nicknamed "The Bomb" because it was so awful. (I know "the bomb" means something is good or cool now, but back then, it didn't.) The red color had faded to orange and someone had actually painted the interior - twice. I know this because the paint was peeling. And the ceiling fabric kept falling down.

Who is your favorite author?
This is impossible for me. I love to read so much and my interests are varied - mysteries, biographies, history, home and gardening books. I have several authors that I absolutely love, all for different reasons: Martha Grimes, Elizabeth George, Jacqueline Winspear, Agatha Christie, Janet Evanovich, Jennifer Crusie, Ernest Hemingway, Sarah Ban Breathnach...

Do you collect anything? If so, what?
Dishes. Old ones, mostly. I'm a sucker for orphan tea cups. I used to collect bookmarks but I rarely add to the collection these days.

What is your favorite vacation destination?
Edisto, off the South Carolina coast.

What season is your favorite? What is it about that season that you like best?
Autumn. I love the cooler weather, digging out warm clothes, pumpkins, apples, mums, the colorful leaves, the urge I get to start baking again, the cups of hot tea and warm apple cider. It's just a beautiful time of year.

What song can you listen to over and over and never get tired of hearing?
Anything by Stevie Nicks or Bruce Springsteen. I love the Great American Songbook collection, too. I could listen to all of those songs each day. And Cleo Laine singing "When the World Was Young" at the end of The Last of the Blonde Bombshells - beautiful.

At what age did you receive your first kiss?
Sixth grade, I think. A game of Spin the Bottle at a birthday party.

What fast food restaurant is your favorite?

Anyone who wants to play along - tag, you're it. Happy Wednesday. :)

Photo credit: don2g via flickr


  1. It was hot here too and I was wishing for Fall weather, but it's finally starting to cool down! :-)

    thank you so much for playing along!!!

  2. That first photo has a van Gogh look with the yellow leaves against the blue sidewalk. Summer is my favorite time of the year, but it's beginning to cool off in the mountains where I live. Forty-nine this morning.

    Enjoyed your Wednesday fun.

  3. Thankfully, it's cooler here. We've had a few of those moody days that we love. (yep,I'm a sucker for a rainy day too!)
    I made a yummy chocolate pie today and serving up spaghetti and meatballs (homemade of course! I am Italian after all. :) ) for dinner this evening.
    I just love comfort foods.

    P.S. Wishing you cooler weather soon.

  4. I can't wait to take some of the hot weather off your hands :) Hopefully it'll make it down here for us! So fun learning more about you, too! I've always loved The Boss!

    Happy (soon) autumn to you!

  5. Oh I love nice rainy days for sure... I will do that tag tomorrow..

    Have a wonderful night..

  6. I really liked the first photo you hared today. It is different and unique. It has also gotten a little cooler here at night, but days still warm. I hate to see cold weather arrive.

  7. I absolutely love that picture. That red umbrella just pops out and I could almost imagine myself getting lost in it. Living in Florida I can only imagine autumn but have enjoyed it while travelling before. Hope it cools down soon.

  8. Yeah, that's what I would like to know! I want cool days with an even cooler nights!!!

    Loved learning a little more about you!



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