Furry First Friday...

Welcome to Furry First Friday! This month I thought I would share photos of my dog, Wally, since his birthday is this month. Believe it or not, he was born on Halloween, which has always seemed to suit. As a rule, Wally is generally suspicious of people (and other dogs, as you can see him giving Abby the eye in that top photo) and fairly grouchy. But as you can see above, he's got an adorable smile when he chooses to flash it. He will be 12 this month; he went gray about a half-dozen years ago, which we think gives him a slightly more distinguished look.
Furry First Fridays is hosted on the first Friday of each month by moi. All are welcome to join; all you need to do is link back here and add your post link to the Linky tool at the bottom of this post. It would be great if you would grab the Furry First Friday button, too, which you can find in my sidebar.
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend, full of lots of love from our furry friends!


  1. If anyone has any trouble linking up, just leave your link in the comments and I'll add it for you. :)


  2. awwwwwwwwwww, Wally! what a cutie pie! man, I miss having a dog so much :-( (that doesn't mean I don't love my kitties!)

  3. Too cute. He looks a lot like our Gibson but ours is smaller. Happy early birthday Wally. Wow, Halloween. He's got the perfect outfit, all in black. ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Wally
    They are soooo CUTE!

  5. Wally is wonderful!! I love his character, expressed through his little face...

  6. Wally is so cute. I love the eye and his Birthday is the day after my little ones.. Have a great day and thanks for hosting..

  7. Happy Birthday Wally - you are such a cutie pie!

    Thanks for hosting Bella! As an avid animal lover, I look forward to this party every month!

    Have a beautifully blessed weekend!


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