It's a blue Monday...

It really is a blue Monday for me today. Blah. I worked soooo hard over the weekend - cleaning my house, getting things ready for fall, doing laundry, switching out seasonal clothes, bathing dogs, etc. I even cleaned the oven - alas, it had to be done by hand. It feels wonderful to have everything set to rights again in my home (and closet) but I wish I had a day off to recover - you know, stay home and read, knit a little, nap. Since I was feeling a little blue anyway, I thought I might as well find a few blues to perk me up. 
Here's to a (hopefully) lovely and relaxing week...

Thanks to Smiling Sally for hosting Blue Monday each week. Stop by her blog for lots more blue love.

Top photo: chotda via flickr; Bottom photo: katiescrapbooklady via flickr


  1. Beautiful yarns and beautiful mosaic. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Pretty blues will always make you smile. I like to organize too.

    Happy Blue Monday, Bella! Check out my book giveaway.

  3. You should be one happy, cheerful camper after all these pretty blues.

  4. Wow you are so ahead of me. I have to get out the winter clothes for my little one. I did wash clothes and cleaned out one room. Tomorrow will be more as I go. Have a great day..

  5. Love this happy blueness today! I was feeling a little gutted earlier too, sometimes it happens. But have to say this made me smile!

  6. Those are some really pretty blue yarns! I can see why you might want to stay home and knit.

  7. Blue.... has been a favorite color for decades!

    I LOVED your mosaic of all things blue! My eyes feasted.

  8. That was a very productive weekend! I love your blue collage, and the yarn photo is beautiful.

  9. wow, I'm impressed! you worked hard :-)

  10. A very creative collection of blues! Love the yarn - my daughter would too!
    It is wonderful to get those cleaning chores done - I love a fresh, clean house!
    I hope you're enjoying it and having a wonderful day,

  11. I hope you are feeling better - i love your blog :-) Your header is so nice too.


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