Furry First Friday...

Happy Furry First Friday!
This month I thought I would share pictures of my youngest boy, Nicholaus, since his birthday is this month. On Sept. 12, he will be 11 years old, which I can't believe! When we rescued him from the pound, he was so tiny he fit in one hand and should not have even been away from his mother. He's grown up to be a great dog, very protective and lovable and handsome. Really, Nick is just an overgrown lap dog. What he lacks in brains, he more than makes up for in love and cuteness. (And really, he is not the brightest bulb in the pack, but he means well.)
Furry First Fridays is hosted on the first Friday of each month by moi. All you need to do to join is link back here and add your post to the linky tool at the bottom. It would be great if you would grab the Furry First Friday button, too.
Just a note ~ I will be out of town over the weekend (my flight leaves early Friday) and may or may not have Internet access for a couple days. If anyone has any trouble linking up, please leave your link in your comment and I'll add them as soon as I can. I'll be around to visit everyone on Monday. I love seeing everyone's pets. :)
Thanks so much for joining in. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, full of lots of furry love.


  1. P.S. I left off the photos from the linky tool this time since so many people had problems with those last time. Hopefully this simplified version works better.

  2. Enjoyed your posting and pics of your Nick! He's a handsome lad! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Oh... Nick looks like a sweetie! Have some fun time away!

  4. A handsome man your Nick. I love hearing the stories about older animals that have faithfully been with the same family for many years. My "old guys" I share this month are each over 11 y/o.

  5. Dear Bella

    Love Nick and I am so excited about this party! I LOVE animals and am looking forward to seeing everyone's pets! I've even shared the news of your party with a few friends!

    I ended up linking to 2 different posts so you could meet my two cats this time round - I have SO many pics of my boys up, it looks like they are taking over the blog - I'll try to coordinate things a little more smoothly the next time round!


  6. Nick is a very handsome pup!
    We linked up to furry first friday, hope we did it correctly:)

  7. What a sweet puppy. THanks for hosting this. I will be back later to read about others pets. I am off to lunch with the in laws and family.. Have a great Friday and weekend..

  8. Hello we are your newest followers. What a Beautiful Blog. Nick is a very handsome boy! Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  9. He's a very sweet guy and I love his name!!


  10. I have no pets anymore. I still enjoy seeing what other people's "children" are doing and look like.

  11. awwwwwwww, what a sweetie! sorry I couldn't link up this month.

  12. Hi Bella

    Just popping by to see what you've been up to. Nicholaus looks like a dear heart. Such wonderful eyes.

    Enjoy the long weekend!

  13. Nick is adorable. Enjoy your weekend and thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  14. I absolutely love this link party idea, and Nick is just too adorable! Thanks so much for sharing him with us.

    Beth @iamdizeliz

  15. I love that sweet face and big, soulful eyes. What a beautiful dog.

  16. Hi There! I would be overjoyed to be featured in your Etsy beauty series. What all does it entail? Funny, I love Etsy, too, and thought about featuring a fave shop of mine once a week!

    I am SO amazed by all the incredibly talented women out there! They are a real inspiration to me!

    You can email me at: holidayinthesun_1@yahoo.com

    Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!


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