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All photos courtesy of Gail McGinley/Obee Designs

As part of my continuing Beauty on Etsy Series, I'd like to introduce all of you to a wonderful Etsy shop chock full of beautiful goodies. Gail McGinley opened the Obee Designs shop on Etsy in collaboration with her daughter. They not only make beautiful creations, but they have big hearts, too, as you'll see...

Name of Etsy shop: OBEE DESIGNS

Etsy shop URL:

Blog name and URL:

Briefly describe what browsers and buyers will find in your Etsy shop:
Obee Designs is the place where you can find Fun, Funky or French items for you and your home.

What inspires you to create?
I love anything that is pretty, feminine, Frenchy, pink, cream, Shabby Chic or Fun and Funky. Bees, crowns and Fleur de Lis make it that much better!!

What would you like others to know about your work?
I opened this shop in collaboration with my daughter, who is an art student, to honor my late father, who the shop is named after. He was an artistic man that loved French Baroque style. I guess that's where I acquired my love for French things! We sell French-styled items such as flour sack towels, coasters, sachets and pillows, as well as our line of Near and Dear items.

Is there a particular philosophy you follow?
Stay true to your heart and only make things you love. Chances are if you love them, then your customers will, too. I love to make beautiful, feminine shabby, fun or French items. I try to ask myself when I'm making a product, "Is this something I love and would buy if I saw it in a store?" If it isn't, then I'm pretty sure others won't either. I also like to package my items for my customers in a pretty way. When a customer receives their package, I want them to feel like they are getting something extra special.

Anything else you’d like us to know about you and your work?
My daughter and I make a special line of T-shirts and necklaces called "Near and Dear." A portion of the proceeds goes to benefit the American Heart Association. My father struggled with heart disease for nearly 10 years before the disease finally took him. My daughter decided to take her heart with wings artwork and make items to benefit the cause Near and Dear to us. Giving a portion of the proceeds not only helps fight the disease, it also helps honor the man we loved. Anyone who purchases one of our items will be honoring and remembering the ones they lost too. It is a win-win for everyone involved. You can go to the link to see the news story:


  1. Sooo lovely of you to showcase such wondrous items and artists!!! Thanks! Blessings to you dear.

  2. I have become totally obsessed with Etsy (thanks so much :P )
    I bought 3 half aprons last week, my first purchases ever online! :P

    This looks like a wonderful shop! I'll have to pop in and take a look. (right now I'm enthralled with all things Jane Austen on Etsy!)


  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful sites! I also am inb love with etsy! I also love to look at the retro vintage kitchen items from the 50's . so fun!
    I am happy to hear that you and your sweetie greet each other~ that is great!
    Have a pretty day!

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words and especially for taking time to hilight our Etsy shop! We are so lucky to meet such wonderful and kind hearted people like yourself in the blogging world. Your blog is just beautiful, just like you!!
    With extreme gratitude and appreciation,

  5. Absolutely beautiful!!

  6. Great post! Gail is one of the loveliest bloggers, and her Etsy is filled with so many pretty things.
    Happy Friday,

  7. I try to stay away from the Etsy shops. They all have nice things, but this one is really great. Thanks for telling us about it.

  8. Lovely, I have an etsy shop too. Be Well Gifts I'll go add this one to my favorites. Hugs!


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