Beautiful container garden ideas...

While reading a favorite blog earlier this week, I saw a most ingenious idea for a plant container. That got me thinking and so out I went, seeking more inspiration. I thought I'd share some of what I found - the lovely and unique ideas seem endless.
And if you're curious, please do check out Penny's blog, The Comforts of Home, and in particular, this post, which started me off on my little tangent. Her blog is beautiful and full of inspiration. I'm sure you'll enjoy.

All photos from Martha Stewart Living and Midwest Living


  1. excellent ideas and sources for inspiration!

  2. Thank you for mentioning me! You are so sweet. I love the first picture with all of those pots! What wonderful ideas.

  3. Oh this is wonderful...I love thinking outside the box...or should I say POT.....why not use our decorative imaginations outside like we do inside, right!

    thanks for sharing your latest tangent! hehee...

    ciao bella

    and thanks a bunch for coming by to see me too!

    creative carmelina

  4. Thank you for the ideas and Inspiration.

  5. These ideas are wonderful. The blue one is sooo dreamy!
    Hugs, Diane


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