Day 9 of Christmas Beauty... Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings are one of my favorite things about the holidays. In my family, everyone's stocking has been made by my grandma. I've had mine since I was a child and I still love it and use it. Everyone who marries into the family gets a stocking their first Christmas. They are all unique and beautiful. I have bought other stockings over the years for decorating - I just love how easily they say "Christmas."


  1. You're right, stockings are so fun and instantly Christmas-y! lol

  2. How sweet! Stockings are indeed a Christmas favorite. And I love all the tradition behind yours. We have charms on our stocking to represent each year.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Is that a purple hydrangea I see in the second picture? Lovely! I love the winter white in the 3rd. Blessings today!

  4. What gorgeous and inspiring images! That bedroom is to die for!!

    Love and hugs,


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