Day 14 of Christmas Beauty... Pretty packages

All photos from Martha Stewart

I'm just getting started wrapping gifts, so a little inspiration is in order. I know some people find wrapping presents to be a chore, but I personally enjoy it. Sometimes I prefer simple packaging, sometimes I spend a half-hour with ribbons and bows and other adornments. Mostly I just like to test my creativity. This year, I have not bought any new supplies, as we seem to have an abundance left from the last few years. I'm thinking a nice eclectic mix is going to be what I'm shooting for this year. Some paper wrapping, some pretty boxes with ribbons, maybe even a fabric wrapping or two. Whatever I use, I always make each gift look as appealing as I can - it adds more magic to the gift if the presentation is beautiful, too.
If you're looking for more inspiration, Martha Stewart has lots of great ideas. Happy wrapping.

All photos from Martha Stewart


  1. Hi Sweet Friend!

    I'm so enjoying this series of yours and the inspiration I'm getting on a daily basis. I love wrapping gifts even though they're destroyed in 2.3 seconds! lol

    Hope your week is off to a great start!

    Love and hugs,

  2. so pretty! I used to take great care how I wrapped gifts...

  3. Very pretty. Last year I really took time to wrap my presents nicely. This year I am not so I am running out of time! But you have inspired me today to try harder!

  4. I love the brown paper and string - simple and beautiful. Leigh


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