More autumn touches...

Happy Halloween, everyone. I can’t believe October is over already ~ the month just flew by for me, which is partly why I am a bit behind in my seasonal decorating. In addition to the autumn touches in the living room I shared yesterday, I wanted a simple little bit of autumn in the dining room and kitchen as well, so I put together a very low centerpiece for the dining room table of pears and apples and pinecones and berries (fake, in case you’re wondering) in a pretty oval basket tray. I think it works wonderfully ~ very seasonal, but understated. 
In the kitchen, I got out one of my favorite autumn baskets and added it to a couple of others on top of the fridge. Just a cute little addition to the room.
Wishing everyone a safe and fun holiday…

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. Your seasonal touches are so pretty. I need to "get with it" and do the same here. Our house still looks like summer...


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