Some new fall finds...

The change in seasons offers a chance to rejuvenate the home. The other day I had to run into Wal-Mart (which I normally avoid like the plague) and happened upon some really cute items for fall. I completely fell for the luncheon plates and the leaf dishes ~ so cute, so inexpensive, such an easy way to add a little autumn color to our days. Then I noticed this lovely limited edition fall blanket from Better Homes & Gardens. I really love the plum and the reds and fall patterns. I decided it would help warm up my sweetie's favorite brown leather couch (not really my taste, but he likes it). So, a trip I wasn't looking forward to yielded some lovely fall finds that are now adding a little seasonal beauty to our home. You just never know...


  1. What a surprise! Wal-Mart had those cute plates?? I never go in there. Guess I better check it out.

    I don't change much in my home as seasons change (life is slightly different in Florida) but perhaps various seasonable wreaths on the door, mums in the fall and lots of amarylis for Christmas.

  2. lovely! I'm being lazy this year and not unpacking any of my Fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving decor. It'll make me appreciate them more next time :-)

  3. So pretty, Bella~ I love the touch of purple in the throw~ it all really feels like fall!

  4. Love those! I start loving autumn again...

  5. As soon as the page loaded I squealed "Oh Walmart!" Yes, I've looked at those plates too! Seriously thought about buying the leaf one. :)

    Love that throw! I'll have to go and look for it.


  6. Oh fun Fall items for sure.. I love the leaf plate. Have a great week..

  7. WalMart can really surprise you sometime with what they have. I do find that if I like something there, I had better buy it right there on the spot and not wait. Good things disappear fast to never return again.


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