The princess and the rose...

The princess - aka, Emily, our little Shih Tzu - decided to help me cut a few of these gorgeous pink and cream roses from our bushes the other day. I think she really just wanted to show off her new summer hair cut to the neighbors (her fur is usually much longer, as you can see here). Either way, she's adorable, don't you think?
Please stop by How Sweet the Sound to check out other Pink Saturday posts. As always, a big thanks to Beverly for hosting this weekly tribute to pink. Have a lovely weekend, all.


  1. Adorable...we have one, too...Ms. Edyie. (and she has her Steve.) Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. oh*my*gosh, I want her! lol she is the cutest little thing!!! I need a dog. :-)
    That rose is gorgeous. I told Josh I want a rose bush or two (or three, lol) but he's not sure about them because he's never had roses (and he's the true green thumb, not me).

  3. G'morn, Bella ~
    What a darling assistant you have. She presented your gorgeous rose beautifully ...

    Happy PS, Bella ~
    Have a lovely summer day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  4. What an adorable tlittle doggies. You put it and the pinks all together very well.

  5. Bonjour Bella,
    Emily is so cute. The pink and cream rose is breathtaking! Hope you are having a marvelous weekend,

  6. The Princess, and the rose, are both lovely. :)


  7. I love her summer hair. She look amazingly beautiful!

  8. This is my first time visiting with you so happy pink saturday, sugar! I noticed your blog name is very similar to mine. Isn't it lovely to think about living beautifully? Very lovely blog, chick. Happy to meet you. I'm adding you to my google reader and following you. Drop by for a visit and see how I live beautifully also.

  9. The rose is definitely pretty, but Miss Emily is a real knockout!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Darling post in every way!!!! Blessed day to you friend!

  11. What a beautiful rose. It is perfect for Pink Saturday. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  12. adorable, yes! and the rose is simply amazing! i'm sure it's been making a lovely scented addition indoors too!

  13. Cute doggie and beautiful rose. Does it smell great too??

  14. So beautiful!! My little girl would love love to have your little pup! Happy Pink week!
    I am a huge white and purple flower fan! =)

  15. What an unbelievably adorable pup!


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