Day 8 of Christmas beauty... Welcoming wreaths

All photos from Midwest Living

One of the first things I learned to do when decorating for the holidays was to create a wreath. I started out just adding holly to an evergreen wreath, then graduated to hot-gluing things to it. Eventually I learned to make more sophisticated wreaths and I have to say it's still one of my great pleasures of the holiday season. I just love that you can create a beautiful wreath out of nearly anything - the only limit is your imagination.
I hope these lovely creations spark your creativity. A holiday wreath is a great way to welcome your loved ones home this Christmas season.

All photos from Midwest Living


  1. I love the square wreaths - they're a great idea and just that little bit different to the usual Christmas wreaths. Leigh

  2. Wreaths are so fun and so versatile!

  3. Oh Bella...
    My these are just so beautiful. I love the one with browns and orange tinted roses. It has the big pods on it. This is layed on top of evergreens. I so love this. Just beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. I love it when you do. Please pop over and say hi. I always love the company.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  4. Beautiful wreaths. Hard to pick a favorite. Blessings!

  5. I just love all those Wreaths. I too love to make them.. have a great week



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