Tulips and beeswax...

As I mentioned in my last post, I picked up several bouquets of tulips at the market. I decided to put the peachy orange and yellow tulips together to make one bouquet, and I put the pink ones in a smaller vase by themselves. I absolutely loved having these beauties downstairs in the great room and upstairs in my home office. Since my company has had us working from home since March, keeping my work space inviting is more important than ever.

I also wanted to share one other thing I just bought ~ beeswax wraps. I purchased a grouping with several different sizes. The beeswax will mold to whatever you’re wrapping, and you use the warmth of your hands to shape it. You have to wash them with cool to lukewarm water ~ hot water will destroy them. But they supposedly will last at least a year, depending on use. So far, I think they’re pretty cool. And, well, pretty. So much nicer than plastic wrap.
Has anyone else tried these? I love the idea of using something like these to cut down on having to use plastic. They easily cover bowls, wrap sandwiches and cover fruit and vegetables. I wrapped a half of a lemon in one and couldn’t tell any difference in freshness, etc. 
Anyway, I would be curious if anyone else has any experience with these. Aren’t they cute?

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


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