Autumn decorating...

Since autumn has long been my favorite season, I decided this year I would do a little more fall decorating than usual. I blended my decorations from last year, including these lovely blooms on the coffee table, with some new finds – like the pink glass pumpkin. Velvet pumpkins in dark fuchsia from last year paired wonderfully with a new garland for the mantel. 

My living room mantel...

I bought some new pillows for the living room sofa in brighter colors and fall motifs, including an adorable pumpkin one.

Pretty new autumn flowers for the dining room, along with some more of my velvet pumpkins from last year...

I found this adorable scarecrow at Michael’s for $6. After debating with myself, I couldn’t leave her there. She was just too cute.

A leafy wreath, pumpkins and a mum for the front entrance. And Tilly, of course, is sporting her autumn scarf. Em decided she needed to be in the picture, too.

Hope you are enjoying fall as much as I am!

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


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