The beauty of the kitchen...

This month I am musing on the beauty of the kitchen, everything from recipes to my favorite food blogs to decorating. We have been talking about renovating our kitchen for awhile now and even though that adventure is still probably a couple of years away, that hasn’t stopped me from looking for inspiration. 
We have a galley kitchen with a breakfast nook off of it (both of which you can see here) and I know the footprint is not going to change, so I am particularly drawn to lovely galley kitchens like the one in the top photo. And though we have no space for an island, I love kitchens that can accommodate such a luxury. And then there’s the sink. I absolutely love a good, deep and wide farmhouse sink like the ones shown below. (Our current sink is divided and a bit shallow, hence my infatuation.)
Of course, there is plenty of dreaming over finishes: wallpaper in the cupboards or on the walls? Marble for a blacksplash? Tile or hardwood floors? A fab chandelier or more “normal” lighting? There are so many ideas to consider, especially when you get to start from scratch like we’ll be doing. Thank goodness for Pinterest (you can follow me here) so I can keep track of all the things I like.
Wishing all of you a lovely day...

All photos from Pinterest


  1. Beautiful White kitchens you shared... although I don't have a White one, but a hard wood cabinets one, I too believe kitchens are the best room in the house, where we love to spend time, not only cooking, but eating, writing, watching tv and even blogging, lol!


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