Bulb planting...

All gardening is an act of faith in a way, but there’s something about planting bulbs that seems an even greater leap. I mean, you put these bulbs in the ground in the fall (usually), before it freezes, and have to wait through winter until spring to see if they come up or if all that digging was for naught. Fortunately, many bulbs are pretty determined not to let you down, so your hard work is usually worth it.
We decided this year to plant a variety of bulbs in our front yard in a little strip between a brick walkway and another bed. It’s not an area that will get dug up for anything else, so hopefully we’ll be rewarded with a burst of color in the spring. Emily decided to oversee the work, as you can see. She looks like a tough little taskmaster, doesn’t she?
We’re planning to continue the brick path on the other side of the yard and will plant more bulbs between that path and the large established bed behind it. It will provide a nice burst of color in the spring while we’re waiting on those other beds to come back into bloom.
Wising all of you a lovely week...

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Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. I'm sure they'll come out beautifully - as long as I'm not involved in the gardening as I tend to be really bad at it :-( One day I might actually have the kind of garden where I can really get to work and do my best to grow some nice flowers. Love the red flowers next to the steps.. xo

  2. Bulbs are marvelous - a lot that we have we rescued from an old plantation site - they've been around for a very long time! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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