New kitchen companions...

I always find the kitchen more fun when you’re creating with a companion. Especially a new companion in the form of a new cookbook. As I’ve said before, I just adore cookbooks. I read them cover to cover just like any other book. Giada’s new cookbook, shown above, just came out this week and I have added it to my list to pick up. I only have a couple of her other cookbooks, but I enjoy her shows and this looks like a keeper from what I’ve seen.
The Pioneer Woman also has a new cookbook out. I am a late arrival to the PW party, but I can see the attraction after checking out her first two cookbooks. Her recipes are fairly simple, her directions are clear and most importantly, the food is good. I’m curious to see how her holiday cookbook stacks up.
Has anyone picked up either of these yet? I’d love to know what you think if so.


  1. The fact that I have several hundred cookbooks doesn't deter me from purchasing more. I really like Giada and am anxious to see her new book. I haven't been able to connect with the P.W. although I'm trying since she seems to be very popular. I think it is her family that I can't make the connection with. I certainly admire what she does living on a somewhat isolated ranch. Happy reading and cooking!



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