The magic of Christmas lights...

Is there anything more magical than Christmas lights? I absolutely love them, whether they are classic and pretty or crazy and colorful. All holiday lights show a happy, giving spirit and I am a fan of anyone who takes the time to brighten things up around Christmas.

It has taken a few years of being in our new house for us to finally land our Christmas light plan. We’ve tried a few different configurations but this year’s display finally feels just right to me. I also added little wreaths and bows to the windows this year and I am so glad I did. They are so pretty and make the house look festive even during the daylight hours.

We also have a brand new addition this year: Antonio, the adorable hedgehog below. He was given to me a few weeks ago by a friend. We have decided he is Tilly’s holiday boyfriend. She needed a little company on the porch. 

 Merry Christmas, everyone!

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully