The beauty of peonies...

Like many of you, I am a peony lover. It wasn’t until this year, however, that I had any success at growing them, for various reasons. They are relatively easy to grow but for some reason mine just never seemed to do much. Last year, I planted some more and luckily, these plants seemed to want to grow for me. I have three of them now, and two have already bloomed. Not only that, but the plants themselves seem to be thriving, so I am looking forward to many blooms in the coming years.

The pink peony up top is a beauty, isn’t she? Even her underside is beautiful. The peony below I actually rescued from a bad storm ~ the wind just took part of the plant and halfway broke it off. I decided to clip the bud off and put it in water and see if I could get it to open. And amazingly to me, it did. She is a beauty, too. The same plant bloomed again, too, which thrilled me. I am happy to have finally cracked the code on growing these beauties and if I can find the space, I’ll be planting more.

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully