Little bouquets and a peek at my new office...

There is nothing like a beautiful little bouquet of flowers to make you smile. I am a carnation lover ~ the colors are beautiful, the flowers lovely and they last forever in a vase ~ and was lucky enough to find a pretty bunch with spring colors. I made two bouquets from the bunch, including this one for the entryway. It makes me happy every time I see it.
The flowers below are a bunch of brightly colored mums and gerbera daisies given to me by my hubby. They are bright and cheerful, so I decided to put them upstairs in my office since that’s where I spend my weekdays (I work from home permanently now thanks to the pandemic). My office is painted in brighter colors and these go perfectly. I love having flowers wherever I work ~ such a cheerful sight for those especially stressful days. 

I have nearly finished redoing my home office space (I only have to replace the ceiling lights), and I thought you might like a peek. My office is the room over the garage, so it is large, with lots of fun angles. I have divided it up into my work office space, my home office space and my fabric design space. There’s a comfortable chair for me to sit in during long work meetings, and since there is so much space, a bed in the nook area. That’s nice because it gives us an extra bed for company (in addition to the guest room) and it also serves as my little hideaway when I feel the need to get away from the world.
Here’s what you see when you enter ~ what I think of as my design/sewing desk. You can see some of my fabric design samples hanging in the corner on the rack.

This is my office space. The antique secretary on the left is my work desk, the desk on the right is my personal desk. I simply roll my fab and comfy office chair between the two as needed. You can also see mini Miss Em’s dollhouse sitting in the window on top a little table I inherited from my grandmother, and the chair and little table I sometimes use when I get tired of sitting at my desk. That little table (which I painted pink) is perfect for my laptop or whatever else I need.

A broader view of my work area. The old dresser (which I painted blue to go with the chair and bench) serves as storage. 

The beautiful circle rug I found on Amazon really helps separate the spaces. It also provides a sort of neutral area where I do yoga and meditation sometimes.

I found this fab lamp at Target, and painted the bedside table and mirror pink to go with the other little table. A full-size bed fits perfectly in this little nook to complete the room.

As you can see, my office is totally my own space. It’s cheerful, full of bright colors, and completely relaxed. Though my home isn’t what I’d call formal, it is more “put together” than this room. This is where I keep my silly things and bits of inspiration. I spend a lot of time up here between my day job and my pattern design hobby. Fun fact: I created the pattern for the curtains and sheets in this room, along with the striped throw pillows and throw.
What do you think?

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. I absolutely love your new office room. Love all the nooks and crannies. The colours are bright and beautiful. I could happily spend lots of time in that space. Thank you for sharing and making my day!


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