The beauty of spring & saying goodbye...

Spring has arrived in the Carolinas. It’s been wet enough without being too wet, and warm enough without being too warm, to have everything coming back to life. I spent the morning enjoying the beauty of my own front yard, taking stock of how far along different plants were. Everything seems to be on schedule ~ the daffodils are done and the azaleas are in bloom. The yellow jessamine tumbling over my fence has more blooms on it than ever before, which means it has finally started to come into its own. And all the hydrangeas are beginning to bud back to life while the day lilies and hostas have started to come up. We had sod laid in the front yard a couple months ago and the grass is incredibly green and luxurious.
I am glad to be able to enjoy one last beautiful spring in my home. After many years, I decided to sell my fab old house and buy something else, something that suits our life a bit better. The house has always been mine, really, and though my husband was a good sport about living here the last few years, it feels like it’s time to do our thing, together. We don’t move until the end of April, so there’s still a little time. I am saying goodbye to my beloved home by enjoying every last thing I love about the old girl, including her beautiful yard. The forced isolation we’re all facing doesn’t feel like a terrible burden to me because I means I get to spend more time here, before I have to say goodbye for good. I feel quite fortunate to get one last spring.

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully