Enjoying the beauty of working from home...

I have been working at home for a little over a week and a half now, and today was the first day I picked up my laptop from my desk and decided to work in the living room. And now I am thinking I need to spend every afternoon doing that. I have always loved the light in that room and it feels so calming and reassuring to soak it all in, even if the room is feeling a bit bare with the impending move.
As you can see, I picked up some tulips earlier this week during a grocery run, so I had a lovely view from the sofa. Then, after working for a bit, I decided I wanted to burn a candle in my favorite scent. After all, you might as well take advantage of not being in the office.
Wishing all of you a bit of calming reassurance and beauty in these uncertain times...

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


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