Summer fashion: be you...

If there is anything to know about fashion and style, it is this: 

Because, really, who else can you be but yourself? You can try to dress as others want, but that never really goes well. You end up feeling lost, like you’re not in your own skin (trust me on this).
So in the spirit of being myself, I wanted to share with you a few accessories I am in love with for spring & summer, including this beautiful, reminds-me-of-vintage-but-isn’t scarf from Torrid and floral Kaari Blue clutch from Belk, pictured above.
I am also IN LOVE with my Betsey Johnson Pleats & Thank You bag (forgive the photo quality on this one, please)...

And then there are my pink satin Kaari Blue sneakers, one of many pairs I have to show you (confession: I have developed a bit of a sneaker obsession).

What are your favorite pieces that let you be you?

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully