The beauty of limelight...

My limelight hydrangea, planted as a gift by a friend of mine when I lived in California and affectionately known as Ralph, is putting out the most gorgeous blooms right now. I mean, they’re huge, aren’t they? And just the loveliest pale green, too.
Ralph is a few years old now and this year I followed the advice of a hydrangea whisperer, which was basically to make sure my hydrangeas had lots of water, especially the old one I transplanted, and in the case of this Limelight hydrangea, to quit trying to prune him into something he isn’t meant to be. This type of hydrangea likes to grow tall, so this year I let him. And he is obviously thanking me for it with the largest, prettiest blooms he has ever put out. The best part is, there are still lots more budding up, which means he’ll be blooming for awhile.

Here’s a shot of Ralph just after a light rain. His blooms are so large and heavy they weigh down the branches.

Even Miss Emily is admiring his beauty...

Wishing all of you a lovely day...

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  1. I love it! Your place looks amazing. :)


  2. I loving that soft pink vase--gorgeous in its setting.

  3. beautiful hydrangeas! Your room looks so soft and inviting.

  4. Sigh.... gorgeous. What a colour! And those blossoms look perfect in that room.

    We enjoyed the showing.


  5. Your Limelight is quite beautiful - I'm going to add that to my Hydrangea wish list! I'll be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  6. Oh my goodness, your blog is so pretty! Why do I not remember coming here before? I'll be spending this next hour snooping around. :)

  7. The hydrangeas are beautiful and so is the setting. :)

  8. Hydrangeas are my favorite and they look lovely in your beautiful home.


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