What I'm planting today...

After talking and planning for the past two years, our yard renovation has begun in earnest. Yesterday we pulled up our ancient, very scraggly azaleas (what a job that was) so we could create a new flower bed. Here is some of what we are going to be planting today. Since we removed the sick 100-year-old oak tree from our front yard, we have quite a bit more sunshine, which means we can plant some things that like a bit more sun. Honestly, I think if the azaleas had gotten just a tad more sun over the years, they wouldn’t have been in such bad shape. So for the new bed, there will be some new azaleas, roses, a gardenia, some foxglove, and few other pretty perennials.
We also started work on the flower bed on the other side of the front yard yesterday. That one is in much better shape but it still needs some help. I’ve got some goodies for that one, too, including a lovely pink rhododendron and a few annuals (like those lovely yellow and purple African daisies you can see in the photo below). I always like to leave room for a few annuals because some years I may be in the mood for yellow, others I may want to add a bit red, or pink, etc. ~ it allows you to brighten things up in whatever color you are loving that year.
There is lots to do in our yard and it will take awhile to realize all of our plans. We have already replanted the grass in the front and back yards and are planning new fencing, new brick walkways and more flower beds. I also want to find a spot for a vegetable garden and plant a screen in the back yard. By the time it’s all finished, both the front and back yards will look smashing. But boy is there a lot of work ahead.

Since I’m showing you pictures of flowers, I thought you might enjoy seeing the tulips we planted last fall. I took these photos a couple of weeks ago; the tulips have just finished for the year. But they were lovely. (And that brick pathway you see is getting redone.)

What are you up to today?

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Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. How beautiful, your yard will be so lovely! I seriously need to get to work on mine. lol :D

  2. Your yard is going to be beautiful with all of those flowers. I have been working on landscaping this weekend too.

  3. Your garden and yard will be so beautiful with all of the plants you have selected. We had to yank out some things here that winter destroyed.


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