A little post-Christmas indulgence...

Curling up with a cup of hot cocoa (with a candy cane for a stirrer, of course) and leafing through some new or favorite books for inspiration is my idea of a lovely afternoon. One of the best things about the holiday season, I think, are the days between Christmas and New Year’s. Things have quieted down and you can settle in and rest and recharge while still enjoying all the loveliness of the season.
Wishing all of you a beautiful day...

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. I plan on doing this tomorrow now that things are calming down. Have a restful weekend x

  2. Instead of hot chocolate, mine will be a pot of Earl Grey (in the English way, of course, with plenty of milk). But I will be curled up next to my beautiful Christmas tree, underneath a warm blanket, book in hand.

    Your pink Christmas tree is beautiful!!

    Happy new year.



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