Wallpaper samples galore...

I am awash in wallpaper samples. After receiving my latest bunch of design proofs, I have what seems like dozens of 12 x 24-inch samples of wallpapers. All are samples of designs I have created, and many of them I absolutely love. So much so I have to figure out something to do with them.
The samples are basically the equivalent of fabric fat quarters, except fat quarters are much easier to use. I have already cleaned out the pile of samples and done away with designs that just didn’t work, but I’m still swimming in pattern. I’ve captured some of my new favorites in these photos ~ I thought you might enjoy seeing what the patterns I shared earlier actually look like printed on wallpaper. Above is a collection of my favorite pink designs: Pink Floral Medley, Pink Starburst Mod, Scrolling through the Day, Pink Petals, Pretty Polka Dots in Pink, and Pink by Nature.

My new favorite pattern may be the one directly above ~ Golden Birds. Either that or the Pink Starburst Mod. Really, all of them make me smile. 
Which leads me back to my “problem” ~ what to do with them all? I have been thinking of redoing a couple of old dollhouses I have in the attic for awhile now; I’m contemplating using some of the wallpaper samples in those projects, along with some of my fabrics. Or maybe I’ll pick a bunch of patterns that go together colorwise and brighten the inside of a closet with wallpaper. Or perhaps a few would make lovely backdrops between shelves in a bookcase. Any other ideas? I’m open to suggestions because as long as I keep designing, this will be an ongoing, if lovely, problem. 

If you would like to see more of my wallpaper and fabric designs, click here. Wishing all of you a lovely weekend...

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  1. Oh the wallpaper is so divine, I do love wallpaper so much, there are so many beautiful textures and tones, like great fabric, the pink is too too lovely...Phyllis

  2. They are all so pretty! I like all of your ideas but I'm thinking the inside of a closet would be so much more cheerful with these on the wall!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  3. Happy...Happy...Happy Pink Saturday!
    God bless and strengthen you in all things!

  4. I've lined the inside of vintage cabinets with wall paper. I love your choices!

  5. How beautiful! I haven't been to your blog for a visit in a while and didn't know you were now designing wallpaper. You're so talented!

    Wishing you a Happy Pink Saturday!
    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  6. How lovely and charming! I thought they were a shelf of books, covered in romantic pastels, and that's exactly what I'd be doing with them. What a sweet note they would make on a shelf or in a small bookshelf in a special room.

    (says Rachel, awash herself in pink tulle and ruffly bedspreads and shams and a tiny outgrown pink tutu on a lampshade---can you tell I'm re-decorating a six-year-old Granddaughter's bedroom? Her birthday's next week, and we're trying to get it finished before she visits next).

    Where are these for sale?

  7. Just beautiful designs. You are so gifted with talent my dear!!!
    Happy pink Saturday.
    ♥ Tami


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