Tulips in the twilight...

These tulips sit in the front window in my living room. They change so much with the light that I can't seem to stop photographing them; they're enchanting. I love taking photos of flowers, but tulips are my favorite to photograph. There is just something about them and how they change with the light.
The photo above was taken at twilight. The photo below was taken when it was bright and sunny. The same bunch of tulips, just different angles and light.

I am linking to Sunlit Sundays at My Little Home and Garden.

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. Gorgeous photos! Your tulips are so pretty. I love your blog.

  2. They look so lovely. :)


  3. Good Morning, Eileen

    I share your love of tulips and have a bouquet of them here, just starting to open.

    Yours look wonderful in both the daylight and sunlight. I like how you've mixed the two colours together, a happy combination.

    Thanks for bringing your lovely bouquet to "Sunlit Sunday".


  4. Pretty bouquets of tulips Eileen, a welcome bit of spring.

  5. I see you became entranced with tulips like I did! Yours are beautiful and I don't blame you for wanting to take lots of pictures! The sunlight streaming through them is very pretty- looks like an outdoor setting!

  6. Tulips were very popular on this sunlit Sunday. I can't wait until mine come up and bloom.

  7. I do love tulips! I'd have them all year round if I could! Your tulips are gorgeous.

  8. Tulips are a favourite flower of mine and I enjoy them in our home in the winter months. These photos are lovely in the different lighting. Pamela

  9. Just wanted to say how much I love your blog. Have been reading for a while, but never commented. I look forward to it every day! Any tips on how to get the tulips to last the longest?

  10. Thanks so much for your kind words, Leigh! As for getting tulips to last, I snip their ends every couple of days and make sure they have plenty of water because they do drink a lot. I also put a little bit of sugar in the water and keep them out of direct heat. Since they droop naturally as they bend toward the light, I find that rotating the vase seems to keep them standing up longer. Mine usually last about 10 days or so.

  11. I have just come across your blog and love it! Tulips are such gorgeous flowers, the start of spring for real. I love the way they open with the sun and wrap themselves up for night time. From your newest follower, Chel x


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