Red flowers and love...

There's something about February and it being the month of love that makes me enjoy the beauty of red flowers even more. Crimson red flowers seem to convey more love in February than other months for some reason, so when my sweetie brought these home the other day, I was thrilled. I love the mix of red roses and daisies, and the little pops of yellow are perfect, too, reminding me that spring is near.
Love is tied up in the little things, don't you think? Like lovely red flowers and a kind gesture.
Wishing all of you a week full of love and beauty...

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  1. A pretty bouquet from your hubby Eileen, with real reds in it. My Valentine bouquets are usually pink as hubby knows I'm not a big fan of red flowers.
    I'll bet all these flowers will last a long while in the vase too.

  2. Oh, they're beautiful...made even more so by the loving heart that brought them to you.



  3. I really love that bouquet. I'm a sucker for red and yellow mixed together.
    Tell your honey that I said "Well Done"!


  4. How marvelous - what a lovely bouquet you received. Lovely. Red is the color of love, especially in February! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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