Lamp love...

I am so happy to stumble across the perfect lamp for my hall/library, I just had to share. The room is not quite finished ~ I'm in desperate need of more bookcases ~ but finding the right lamp for the top of the chest has gone a long way toward making the room look more complete. I had another lamp in there as a place holder, but was searching for something dark and more modern. When I came across this one, I knew I had found the right lamp. The dark bottom is sleek and the square gold shade echoes the gold trim on the dresser and the gold in the rug. What do you think?

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. It's perfect on that chest. What a find. I think discovering the right lamp is one of the most difficult things in decorating.
    The dresser is charming, by the way.

  2. You're right, that lamp is perfect there!

  3. I love it! Perfect. :)


  4. Bonsoir! You are one lucky girl to have spied that lamp before I! I have the perfect spot for that beauty. It really does go quite well with your lovely dresser. Congrats on your find! Au Revoir ~ Chelle


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