Creating a blissful bedroom...

Sometimes you come across a photograph of a room that inspires you so, it stays with you. In this case, it was the photo directly below that inspired me to create the look in my bedroom. As many of you know, I just moved back into my old house in the Carolinas and have been redecorating as I unpack. My goal in this case wasn't to recreate the exact room, but to use what I had to create the same beautiful look and peaceful feel.
So far it's turned out to be the easiest room in the house. I did not have to repaint the walls ~ that lovely soft sage green has weathered extremely well ~ and I did not have to buy a single thing. The antique bed suffered a few scratches in the move, but nothing terrible. I used my favorite peachy-pink linens on the bed ~ a gift from a friend about seven years ago ~ and hung the drapes that used to hang in my living room at the windows. I took down the mini-blinds (hideous, awful things) and put some gauzy sheers underneath the drapes for a bit more privacy when the drapes are open. Since the drapes are lined, pulling them closed at night creates a wonderful cocoon.
The black rug I bought years ago at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and the antique rocker and oval mirror once belonged to my grandmother ~ God bless her wonderful taste. The other bits around the room were all pulled from my belongings. There are still little things to be done ~ I need to install proper curtain rods and a new ceiling fan ~ but I'm loving it so far. What do you think?
I want to extend a very special greeting to those visiting from Pink Saturday, where my blog is the featured blog of the week. I hope you enjoy your visit and will come back again soon.
Wishing all of you a lovely weekend...

I am linking to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound. Stop by Beverly's place for more lovely pinks.

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully; third photo from Internet


  1. Hi Eileen, your bedroom is WONDERFUL, so pretty and cozy!!!
    Happy PS and best wishes from Austria,

  2. Your bedrooms lovely and very cozy Eileen What a great antique bed too. Glad you are getting settled in! DOn't work too hard.
    Bonne week-end,

  3. Nice seeing you featured on Beverley's Pink Saturday. On the pictures you shared on her blog, the one of the three plates, I have a huge set of the plate in the middle with the blue flowers.

  4. I think you got the look's inviting and restful ... happy PS !
    ( If you could remove the word verification thing and just approve the comments it would make it soo much nicer .. it's taken me two tries and two is all I can bear)

  5. Looks lovely, Eileen. The powdery pinks are so soothing.

    Stopping off via Bev's. Following your page now.
    Happy Pinks, my dear.
    Much love,

  6. Hi Eileen, your blog is lovely and one thing I love to see is makeovers. Your bedroom is so pretty and the pink just speaks to we Pinkies. Smile. I have a bed like yours that belonged to my parents. I love that style of antique bed. It is in a guestroom and my colors are blue and yellow. My master bedroom speaks pink in a big way.
    I enjoyed your featured post very much.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  7. Hi Eileen,

    Visiting from Beverly's. Happy PS!
    Love your pretty bedroom. I live in an 85 yr old home, and love it too!


  8. Hi Eileen,
    I found you from Beverly's Pink Saturday. Your room is lovely and very close to the inspiration picture.

    I'm loving the dark wood with the pink's.

    Welcome back to the East Coast and the lovely Carolina's.


  9. Happy Pink Saturday, Eileen. I am so glad you are the featured blog this week. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for making Pink Saturday special.♥

    Your bedroom is lovely - so calming and Milagro.. I have a rocking chair which belonged to my grandmother, too.

    Where in the Carolinas are you?

  10. Happy Pink Saturday! I love the soft colors and beautiful character-filled pieces that fill your room and give it life.

    Jan ♥

  11. A cozy bedroom that you love is an essential part of life! I love your coverlet!

  12. Hi Eileen, I've come over from Pink Saturday and love what you're doin. Have added my self to your followers so that I can find you again and see what's next. Joan

  13. Hi Eileen,
    Congrats on being the feature for Pink Saturday! Your bedroom looks beautiful! It's great when you can finish a room without spending a fortune. I like to re-arrange my furniture and accessories for a fresh new look. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. Eileen, your inspiration photo has always been a favorite of mine too! I love how your bedroom turned out. It looks wonderful, cozy and inviting.

  15. What a lovely haven you are creating for yourself. Happy Pink Saturday to you, Dru

  16. It is so much fun fixing up a new home, everything seem new.
    Have a good pink satruday

  17. I really enjoyed seeing your redo on the bedroom! So comfy and cozy! I love those vintage pieces, what a blessing to have received them from your grandmother. HPS and enjoy your weekend! I am your newest follower! : )

  18. Just popped in from Beverly's PS to visit your beautiful blog. Your bedroom is gorgeous, how wonderful that you were able to incorporate your Grandmothers heirloom pieces too.
    Bon weekend.

  19. Eileen, a move sounds so daunting, but it sounds like you're going with the flow. Your bedroom is delightful. Found you on Pink Saturday.


  20. what a beautiful room! happy pink saturday and congratulations for being featured! xo

  21. What a beautiful bedroom and I love your bed. Antiques are supposed to have a few scratches, at least mine do. You indeed have created a haven to enjoy.

  22. I love your bedroom!! I have a bed just like that and I love how you created all of the soft and feminine with the dark wood! Very romantic!
    PS Now following both your blogs!


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