The beauty of new journeys...

Moving day is almost here. I am officially all packed and by the end of the week, my California days will be over and I'll be heading back to the Carolinas. The path that led me to California was far from smooth, but it turned out lovely in the end, so it's all been well worth it. As my favorite English teacher used to say, the journey is the teacher ~ and she was right.
Here's to a good journey ahead...

Photo by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. I hope your move back here goes smoothly. I am looking forward to meeting you sometime in the future!

  2. I have been on my share of roads which haven't been still on one, to be quite honest. I'm glad that things have turned out lovely for you, and I look forward to hearing that you have arrived back home safe and sound.


  3. Cheers to your journey back to the Carolinas.

    Life is full of journeys and it's best to enjoy them instead of letting them get you down or worring. I should know - we've moved (oops, journeyed) to many, many places in our marriage and we're better people for it.


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