A (not so little) housewarming gift...

A dear friend of mine just bought an old house in need of a little renovation. She's making quite a bit of headway judging from the photos she keeps sending me and I can hardly wait to see it all in person. As a little housewarming/congratulations gift, I'll be taking this wall art to her in a couple of months. It's made completely out of metal and I found it quite striking. The colors are perfect for my friend's home. I sent her a couple of photos to make sure she would approve (and leave a big enough space to hang it, as it is on the large side) and I got a big thumbs up. I'm so looking forward to delivering it to her and seeing her house.

Photo by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. Oh, Eileen, what a lovely gift for your friend. It is gorgeous!

    When I first saw the photo (before reading what it was made of), I assumed it was an old window. People do so many creative things with windows nowadays.

    Anyhow, your friend will love it!!

    Hope you're off to a great day.


  2. Lucky friend!

    That is beautiful. You have great taste. :)


  3. Now that's gorgeous! I love the colours and the patterns. Beautiful!

  4. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. This is gorgeous and full of color. I especially like the square of fleur de lis.

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