Dishes and memories...

I've been clearing out and sorting dishes lately ~ a task I actually enjoy. It's fun to rearrange and rediscover and make room for more. And reminisce. The dishes I really, truly love are usually tied to something in my mind ~ a person, a place, a memory. The teal and pink tea cup and saucer and matching plate in the top photo I got during a visit to Biltmore Estate in Asheville, N.C. Every time I use it I remember how much I enjoyed the weekend I spent there on the estate. The white and pink tea cup below belonged to my grandmother. During one of her clear outs, it came to live in my house (along with many others). In fact, most of the dishes in that bottom photo came from my grandmother. I always accept the dishes she offers; some of them have been passed down for a few generations. Using the same dishes my great-grandmother used adds a bit of beauty to my days.
Thanks to Terri and Martha for hosting Tea Cup Tuesdays. Head over to Martha's Favorites or Artful Affirmations to see more tea time loveliness. And be sure to stop by tomorrow for Wishes for Wednesday.


  1. o such a cute footed teacup!
    i was supplying my friend Sharie with those for every occasion i could find one!
    tomorrow she's hosting my Birthday lunch :)
    b'day tea party @ FHC ! - welcome :)

  2. Bella,
    Beautiful dishes. I have many dishes from my grandmother and I treasure them. Thanks for sharing.


  3. you got pretty dishes here.. l like the trios better.. they look so pretty..

  4. What lovely dishes. I have way too many dishes, just like cookbooks and I can't ever seem to get enough. Guess I need a bigger house........

  5. those are so pretty! I thought of you yesterday when I was at Goodwill looking at tea cups :-)

  6. Hello Bella :) These are such pretty teacups you've shown; I especially love the teal & pink cup with the pretty roses! Your grandmother had some beautiful china. Love that pretty pink heart shaped bowl!

    Wishing you a lovely Tea Tuesday!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  7. Your Biltmore tea cup is very pretty. I bought a tea cup set there too, but mine is dark blue. I love the teal color of yours.
    Your grandmothers gold footed rose tea cup is beautiful. How special to have some of her china.

  8. How cute is that footed teacup!? So delicate looking which is a quintessential element of a teacup for me. I just looked at your previous posts, you have such a lovely blog. I'm now your newest follower and will be back for more.
    Stopping by from Tea Tuesdays.

  9. So beautiful!!!
    I'm not a tea(or coffee) drinker so I had never accumulated any tea cups. Recently, my Mum was clearing out some old dishes and I told her that I wouldn't mind taking a few of her "fancy tea cups".
    I'm glad that I have them because they are not something that I would buy for myself. As you say, it's nice to have something with history and memories tied to it. :)


  10. Everything is so beautiful!!
    And how lucky you were to have been able to visit Biltmore!!

    Happy Tea Tuesday!!


  11. Oh what fun! Sorting dishes that are beautiful is one of my fav things to do!

    Have fun!


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